Tips & links from the past

Posting tips and interesting links on Facebook is much too furtive! So, here you find a line-up of some of my favorites…


This one’s on the wall of my singing studio ;o)



This video shows precisely what acoustics do to the sound of your voice
Amazingly interesting!
Change the room => Change the colour of your voice
(Change the shape of your vocal tract => Idem)
It’s all about acoustics and this video explains it in a beautiful non-nerdy way 😉


The Science Behind the Warm Up
To warm up or not to warm up, that’s the question!


Footage of the recording of ‘We are the world’
A must see!


What to Do When Everyone Thinks You’re Great – But You Feel Like a Failure
Great article on self-fulfilling prophecies & self-handicapping


Lovely tip of Catrin Wyn-Davis, for those times when you’re nervous during a masterclass:
My confidence is: “I have a lovely voice”. My humility is: “I have things to work on”.
I couldn’t agree more 🙂


Dear singers of mine,
This is your lesson for the day. And tomorrow. And the day after that. And every day that will come in your life as a singer.
F*ck Technique.
There. I’ve said it again. And will say it again. And again.


Dear singers of mine that need to work on interpretation and stage presence,
This is your homework.
Next week you’ll be tested. Don’t screw this up. Seriously.
Your coach


Release on the inhalation: it’s a game changer
I. Could. Not. Agree. More.


Music Lessons Were the Best Thing Your Parents Ever Did for You
“Music improves cognitive and non-cognitive skills more than twice as much as sports, theater or dance.” The study found that kids who take music lessons “have better cognitive skills and school grades and are more conscientious, open and ambitious.” And that’s just the beginning.


Can’t sing? Do it more often
“No one expects a beginner on violin to sound good right away, it takes practice, but everyone is supposed to be able to sing,” Demorest said. “When people are unsuccessful they take it very personally, but we think if you sing more, you’ll get better.”
Hell, yeah!


Thoughts on Current Vocal Pedagogy: There seems to be a lot of old dust
Technique is ONLY the tool! And our audience doesn’t care about it 😀


What Playing A Musical Instrument Does To Your Brain
The message is clear: Play music!
It’s good for you 😀


Dear singers,
Why is your ego making it so hard on you to ask your vocal coach to help you in the recording studio? Know that the greatest singers on this planet (even Celine Dion!) have a vocal coach until they have sung their last note…
You find it normal that an athlete is working with a coach throughout his whole career. Especially during the moments when it matters the most. A studio recording is one of those moments that matter. Asking for help does not mean you are a bad singer. It means that you are wise and professional. So, please, next time you feel that you need help to solve your vocal problem, don’t waste 3 days in the studio by waiting until the last day to call your coach.
Thank you very much.
Sarah, your coach / psychotherapist 😉


Why a Little Reflection Should Be a Regular Part of Your Practice Routine
This is why I end every coaching session very ‘SOS Piet’ wise with the question “What are the most important things you have learned today?”
Dear singers, ask yourself this question EVERY time you study! It works. I promise.


A Simple Way to Keep Music in Your Fingers When Practicing More Isn’t an Option
The message is clear:
There’s no excuse for not having studied!
You can do it everywhere and all the time.




The distorting bird
Great auditory example of distortion. Seriously.


“You could fail at doing what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”
Allow you heart to sing! I’d add… 😉


How Moms Can Help Us Perform More Courageously Under Pressure
A nice performance tip, in honor of mother’s day ;o)


Demo of ‘Beat It’ composed using only Michael Jackson’s voice
Dear singers,
Next time somebody makes a distinction between you and ‘a musician’… Shove this in his / her face


If you’re not good enough, just do this one thing. Over and over and over… And over again.
If you’re struggling to become exceptional at something, Ira Glass, host of acclaimed radio show “This American Life”, has some words of wisdom for you. The advice is as beautiful as it is brilliant.


Who’s Really Behind Renée Fleming’s Brilliant Super Bowl XLVIII Performance
Interesting article about the tendency of critics to listen mostly for the flaws. Such a shame! I personally love Renée Flemings rendition. Important detail: In America, a vocal coach is not a singing teacher working on the technique, like here in Belgium. You find the explanation in the article ;o)


Tip for my clients working on the heavy effects like grunt or growl: Join me for a stretch lesson @ Polefun! ;o)


Work slow, learn fast. Damn right.


Great recipe for creaking: The National meets Britney Spears… Also a great recipe for hilarious moments during a session ;o)



Tobe, Welt, und springe, Ich steh hier und singe. In gar sichrer Ruh. (Jesu Meine Freude – Johann Franck)
Rage, oh world, and quake, here I stand, singing. In perfect peace.


Right on!



Cracks me up every time…



A must-see for everybody who’s interested in working with effects!


Get inspired by Dave Grohl. Dedication to your passion is – to my opinion – the main thing you need to pursue happiness successfully.






Why Music Makes Our Brain Sing
One of the reasons why I’m so happy with my job 🙂





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