I’m so grateful to be a vocal coach!

Today, a student and I have had the last lesson before her exam… Oh my, she made me so proud!

This jazz-singer started her studies at the conservatory in october and started private coaching with me that same month. With a very hungry work ethic, she booked lessons every week or two weeks. Every time she was prepared and had a clear idea of what she wanted to work on. Her hunger sometimes turned into being a control freak, but that’s OK. I think we all have been there ;o) Of course I focused mainly on technique during the first sessions, especially breathing and breath support.

After a few sessions, I started to ask her more regularly why she wanted to sing the song a certain way. It was clear that she had difficulties understanding the fact that technique is only a tool. It serves your main purpose: Telling a story, touching hearts. Your audience doesn’t care about the mode you’re singing in, it doesn’t care that one note isn’t in tune…

Even though she had lots of difficulties opening up emotionally to the music and (I heard a lot of “I can’t!”), she kept on trying. During the last lessons of december, I noticed that something had happened. I could see, hear and feel a bit of her personality when she was singing. And then there were the holidays…

Today, I was so very curious. The last lesson before the exam. Had she been able to work and progress on her own? Would she be ready? And there she was: A performer. I witnessed her singing the songs from her heart, telling a story, showing me her musical identity, opening up to whatever would happen.

The way you feel as a coach, when you watch a caterpillar turn into a butterfly… I can’t describe it, but if you could see the smile on my face right now, and feel the, well… butterflies in my stomach ;o) THIS is why I absolutely LOVE my job. It’s an honor that people trust me with their voice, their story. It’s so beautiful that they let me guide them to things that they sometimes never dared to dream of.

So, to all of you, that have ever walked into my classroom and sang to me: THANK YOU!
And to the singer of the story: Good luck, wednesday!

*Big hug*


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