You are responsible – Part 1

One of the first things I communicate to you when you start lessons or coaching with me, is that YOU bear a big part of the responsibility. Whether my work with you will be effective and have clear results, is not only defined by me! I depend on your questions and feedback, in order to be able to give you what you came for.

I am not the kind of teacher that will tell you what to do every step of the way and expects you to always believe me and follow my opinion. On the contrary. I am here to help you find and develop your own artistic personality and make sure that you do this in a healthy way. Your voice, your sound. That’s one of the reasons I work with Intake sessions. Before that session, you will have to fill out a form with questions that will help me to understand who you are and what you need. These questions will compel you to think about your goals as a singer and what will be the best way to achieve them. I ask you to answer those questions again every few months, in order to make you reflect about the path we have taken together. Did we stay on track? Did we use the right strategy or do we need to change something? And so on…

So, whether you’re thinking about starting lessons or coaching with me or with somebody else, I advise you to think about these questions. First of all, you are helping the teacher and coach to work with you in the best way possible. And as a bonus, it just feels SO good to reflect on the questions, write the answers down, re-read them a few months later, realize you have reached your goals and find new ones, eventually change your strategy,… It’s great to take your growth as a singer into your own hands, and work together with your teacher and coach. They are there to help you. So you have the right ànd the responsibility to make clear what it is you want.

Oh, one more thing: It’s OK to answer “I don’t know (yet)” ;o)


  • Which relevant education(s) did you receive in the past?
  • Which relevant education(s) are you receiving at the moment?
  • Are you singing in a band / choir or have you done so in the past?
    Are you performing?
    If so, how many gigs per year?
  • Are you suffering from relevant medical conditions? Airway-problems, food intolerances, allergies, structural problems that effect your posture, reflux,…
    If so, are you being treated?
    If so, is it necessary that your vocal coach gets in touch with the person you’re treated by?


  • What are your strong traits as a singer?
  • Which singers / composers / artists / … inspire you?


  • What have been your goals? (f.e. breath support, interpretation,…)
  • How did you work? What was your strategy?
  • Are you happy about the progress?
  • If not, why?
  • What did you have to do differently?
  • How do you think your coach can and should help to do this better in the present?


  • What are your goals? (f.e. breath support, interpretation,…)
  • How are you working? What is your strategy?
  • Are you happy about the progress?
  • If not, why?
  • What has to change?
  • How do you think your coach can and should help?


  • What are your long-term goals? (f.e. a certain song, performance,…)
  • How are you going to work? What will be your strategy?
  • How do you think your coach can and should help?


  • Do you have a certain strategy?
  • How regular do you study?
  • How long do you study?
  • Are you using a fixed structure / routine?
    If so, explain.
  • Does your strategy & routine work?
  • If not, what has to change?
  • How do you think your coach can and should help?


  • Is there something else you want to mention?

Click here for part 2 of this blog, where I explain about how you can take responsibility during a coaching session.

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