Skype coaching

Today, I decided to start offering vocal coaching via Skype.

I have to admit, I have been sceptical… There’s nothing like the real thing, huh? Live human contact with the whole spectrum of senses to communicate with. And what to do when the connection fails? Throwing the computer out of the window isn’t gonna help, I’m sure…

But after experimenting a few months with the medium from both sides (as a teacher and as a student), I’m really convinced that this concept is going to be a valuable addition to my business.

Imagine a singer being in the recording studio, having tried to nail the take, but failing, and getting really frustrated… Of course, the first thing to do is make a mental note “Book Sarah to come with me for the next session” ;o) After that, the fastest solution to this situation is being coached through Skype! Sometimes, even the fact that your coach is “there” to help you out is enough to get rid of the stress.

I think we all know this one: Your big premiere was there sooner than you’d wanted, so you have overdone the rehearsals. The vocal fatigue, together with the stress of the performance results in your voice being constricted and you being even mòre stressed out… 1 hour before the curtain goes up! Then, a Skype-session backstage with your vocal coach, focusing on Emergency Aid (more about that in a future post) is worth gold.

I have decided to use the same price setting as I do for “IRL coaching”
As a student, I feel I receive the same value for my money as I would in a normal coaching situation. And I save transportation costs ;o)
As a teacher, I work the same amount of time

So now I’m very curious to hear you opinion & experiences!
Have you ever coached / been coached through Skype?
Are you as enthused as I am?
How did you handle technical issues?
What’s you opinion about the price?
Do you have tips & suggestions?


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