The emotions of letting go and new beginnings…

Finally, I have moved!

I have been wanting to do it for years, and there have been a few times when it nearly happened. But every time, it didn’t work out. To be honest, it has made me sad on a regular basis for the past years. Even though I have lived through happy times in my old house and singing studio, there were enough reasons why I needed to move on.

I needed to grow. singsing! needed to grow.

For a week, I packed boxes, cleaned rooms and threw away stuff. It was hard work, so I didn’t have time for emotions. I just did what I had to do. As I kept on teaching until the very last day before I moved into the new house, the singing studio was the last room I had to pack and clean. I started out motivated, but suddenly, it hit me: I didn’t have pictures of my singing studio. I have made a gazillion of video recordings of lessons, but I had never taken the time to just take pictures of this very important place. So, I took my phone, in order to take some. Of course, my battery had died on me. Thank you, Murphy. I didn’t have a charger and there was no time to lose. I had to pack and bring everything to the new house.

So, there they were: The tears. For the following hours, while packing, I shed many. I thought about all those emotions that the walls have witnessed. So many singers have laughed, cried, had breakthroughs, sung their hearts out, shared very personal stories,… I have laughed and cried with them. I have listened and was grateful for all the trust that they gave me.

I have studied and rehearsed in that studio for 8 years. The walls (and neighbors) have heard me sing, scream, swear, shout, laugh and cry. I too have had breakthroughs and moments when it just didn’t go as I wanted to and had to let go.

In the middle of the night, when I had brought all the boxes to the new house, I returned to make pictures of the empty singing studio. The only items left were the ones that were too heavy for me to carry alone.

Dear singers, Thank you. I hope to make as many beautiful memories with you in the new singing studio ❤




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